What is YUNGA

Yunga is a local rescue digital network for neighbors that allow them to communicate to each other in real time in case of an attack or emergences.

Everyday issues for neighbors

Every night, or even during day, in our local homes areas, We finally go to bed after a long day, but before we know it, thugs have broken into our houses and towering above us asking to handover money that we have, to handover mobile money pins/ATM bank pins, properties and the worst of it all, claiming lives for many because they are helpless most times. A process that needs to be reversed

Problem related numbers

In 2014, a grand total of 248,181 cases were registered from a total of 102 crime types. 3,789 were of house breaking crime type. ~Source: Uganda Bureau of Statistics .

In 2016, On in the Area of Bukedi sub region, over 2,487 were registered by police and of these, housebreaking and related murder had over 914 all together. Source:Uganda Police.

Total number of police officers is 43,000 of which 10% of the is allocated to Very Important Person Protection Unit (VIPPU). Total population in Uganda is above 40,000,000 million people

Greater Masaka Deputy Police spokesman, Superintendent Lameck Kigozi, says the police-civilian ratios in his region are still wanting.

What we are doing to solve the problem


Organize a village into groups to form a local rescue digital network by neighbors that can communicate to each other in real time in case of emergency. All the formed groups are connected using a cheap and simple device or phone application that is triggered by a victim to alert every home (and police) on his network by an alarm and Citizen Name display for quick rescue.

Solution Featuress


Yunga Connect/Device

This is our very number one connection type recomendation, a user presses a button to notify all his/her Yunga neighbors (& local area police station) with an alarm and neighbor name display

Yunga App | Phone Shake

For people with smartphone, you either shake or press a button icon in the app to notify all your Yunga neighbors. The phone will vibrate, ring out round and also displays the name of a neighbor in a problem

Yunga basic

This works for people on a network who may not have the device or a smartphone. For this alternative, a member or group will simply recieve an automated call with a name of a neighbor in problem

Yunga Chat

With this feature, all the joined group members are able to interact together on matters concerning them, this may also include information about a new member on the group.

More Features

Throughout our researchrch we have recieved a couple new feature requests and we are handling

Health Emmergencies

This was related with pregnant women who find issues in reaching health centers

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Nabagidde Grace Diana, Lead Operation.
  2. Anatoli Kirigwajjo, Management and sales.
  3. Kasoma Fredrick, Lead sofware.
  4. Kawesa Nasser, Lead Hardware designs.
  5. Miremebe .E. Nangobi , System Analyst.
  6. Messach Luminsa , Hardware developer.
  7. Ainembabazi Florentinah ,Advocate.

Call To Action

Testing is a very crutial stage in software and hardware products developement life cycle. We are currently testing our product and we need support from you to scale out to the entire test village for accurate results. contact us for more details: info@yunga-ug.com


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Ntinda Shopping Complex,Block B, 3rd Floor,Kampala, Uganda