According to Business Insider, 95% of households in Africa can not afford private security services. At Yunga technologies, we are committed to changing this trend through our core flagship product Yunga. Yunga is a local rescue digital network that connects neighbour to neighbour and neighbour to police in case of an attack or emergency in the shortest time possible. By a tap of a button from a Yunga device, all your neighbours and police will be notified and called to your rescue instantly. Our story of providing low cost security tools to communities began in November 2018. Back then the Yunga device was a tool working only in one community “Ntinda-Kigowa ” Kampala, Uganda. Today, we are privileged to protect 1,500 lives in three areas around Kampala (Kigowa Ntinda, Kiwatule and Kabulengwa Nansana) using our low cost tools (Yunga device) as well as reaching over 700,000 people through our law and enforcement education.

Who We Are

We are next-generation community security company

We are a  local rescue digital network bundled with microinsurance for connected neighborhoods.

We connect neighbor to neighbor and neighbor to a law enforcement in case of an attack or emergency (Connect you to a reliable rapid response unit in case the matter escalates).

We protect you when you are at home   and also protect your property when you are away by the help of the Yunga Network that is locally available within the community.We also offer property replacement/recovery based on the subscription.

We give your visitors comfort and identity to ring your Yunga Doorbell using their phones as well as availing you access to our intelligent home visitor management dashboard.


1. Yunga Plus

Includes all Yunga basic features but also puts in consideration an automatic intelligent intrusion detection with customisable reporting features on community devices, phone calls, and mobile application notifications even when our customer is away from their homes. A tap of a button from a phone application. This may not require human intervention.

2. Yunga Basic

Calls for instant help by a press of the Yunga device or a tap of a button from a phone application. This requires human intervention to press a button.

Yunga mobile app is available for you.

The app has been designed to extend the number of panic button using smartphone. Don’t worry if the physical panic button is far, pull out your phone to do the same.
Tell your visitors to download Yunga app to easily be identified when they knock on your door or gate. Then make use of the visitor management module that come along with the App.


To leverage on the power of the community trust, sharing, and technology to improve community security in Subsaharan Africa by investing in the manufacturing of quick user-friendly response crime prevention security tools locally backed by microinsurance.

Our Goal

By 2030, We are seeking to provide low-cost crime prevention tools with a high rescue response time bundled with microinsurance to 5,000,000 households (25,000,000 people) within Subsaharan Africa for underserved communities.


Our flagship product Yunga, gives you a pool of alternatives. Choose from a variety of the available awesome products ranging from usage capacity to colors.

Yunga Basic

UGX 500,000 $140.00

Yunga Plus

UGX 700,000 $200.00

Group Order

10% OFF
Valid For 5+ Orders

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Our Impact


People Reached


Lives Protected


Crimes Prevented


Awards & Recognitions

Be our early adopter to bring Yunga to your community and get access to a 10% discount on the two products.


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