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Yunga Virtual Device (App)

$2.7UGX 10,000

Yunga - Mobile DoorBell Only

$110 UGX 400,000

Yunga Basic

Affordable and essential security features for small households or starters.

$157UGX 600,000

Yunga Plus

Yunga Premium package protects in the presence and absence of homeowners.

$223 UGX 850,000

Yunga Basic

In the YUNGA Basic package, we install the YUNGA Device in your home, strategically located for easy access, typically near your bedroom. With a simple push of the red button on the device or through the YUNGA smartphone app, you activate a distress call for both community assistance and law enforcement. The added benefit? The alarm system blares loudly, discouraging potential criminals. While this package requires human intervention to prevent break-ins or attacks, its impact is A Yunga device undeniable. 

Yunga Plus

Upgrade your security with YUNGA Plus! This package includes all the features of YUNGA Basic and more. Our intelligent motion sensors are placed strategically at vulnerable points in your home, working as a 24/7 digital guard. Whether you’re sleeping or away, these sensors detect any unauthorized presence and promptly alert the community for assistance and law enforcement if necessary. Additionally, YUNGA Plus serves as a mobile doorbell, enabling you to ring your home bell from a distance through the YUNGA app, minimizing gate-related risks.

Enhaced Security

Empowered by cutting-edge technology, featuring Intelligent motion sensors for real-time alerts that keep neighbors informed.


Features like panic buttons and emergency contacts enhance the well-being of every member


Yunga prioritizes privacy and data security, ensuring confidential information remains safe.

Stay Connected

Yunga fosters a united community, triggering rapid responses from neighbors and police during emergencies.

Enhaced Security

Panic Buttton


Door Bell

Contorl panel

Home Safety at Your Fingertips

Stay connected, informed, and in control, as the Yunga App empowers you to create a safer, stronger community together.

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications:

Get instant notifications about suspicious activity or emergencies in your neighborhood.

Panic Button:

The Yunga App's community panic button triggers a rapid response chain, activating support to keep your community safe and secure.