Yunga – Mobile DoorBell Only

Yunga – Mobile DoorBell Only

  • Allow people to ring your gate/home doorbell conveniently at a distance using their phones
  • See incoming bells even when you are not home
  • Authorize access to your home remotely
  • Visitor management
  • SMS notifications
  • Up to Mobile app for up to 15 users in the same home/apartments


Original price was: UGX 450,000.Current price is: UGX 400,000.

Yes, Yunga has a package for women-led households and single mothers because the criminals take advantage of them since they know that there is no man in the home.

Yunga special 24/7 digital guards(Intelligent motion sensors), to better and call for rescue when you are sleeping or away, You can choose to turn the sensors on manually every time you are going to sleep and get out when you wake up. Or you can choose to use/set an automatic feature (Auto arm) and the system keeps arming itself automatically let’s say activate security from (12AM – 5AM ) every day.

Yes, We know some customers love dogs/animals, the Yunga system is so intelligent to protect alongside your pets and dogs.

Yunga system is not distance-constrained, A customer from another district can be connected to another district only that it makes sense to connect with people in your proximity, that is the true neighborhood.

The Yunga system has it’s battery that can hold power for 2- 3 days.

If your neighbors don’t have Yunga, You take advantage of their mobile phones numbers, The Yunga app gives you a chance to add them in as emergency contacts and when you are under attack or emergency, all the 10 people added will receive phone calls automatically hence call for rescue.

When you pay your monthly subscription, Your alarms will be watched by our 24/7 team at the control center, this helps to engage with you and the police. It also gives access to unlimited support for your system in case of any fault and technical challenge, No transport of technicians fees will be asked. We also watch to make sure your system operates as expected. It should never fail to trigger when you need it. It should be up and running 24/7. And ultimately it gives access to a 5-year warranty.

If your community has more than 10 homes with the Yunga system, We will definitely give the local police station a response device for them to respond to your needs. The system has a screen that reveals household names.
Yunga system will be installed in under 2 hours under normal situations, and we are working to bring it to under 30 min.
Yunga works with communities and law enforcement to expose the network of criminals and cause them to flee for their lives via what we call crime psychology.
A cut of a Yunga system wire is a trigger itself to neighbors and law enforcement.
Yes Yunga can route community and law enforcement using GPS technology.
Yes can be installed by either the LandLard or the tenants themselves. They can shift with it anytime.
Yes, just notify us on time and we will do the needful.
Yes it has the GPS locator, if you agree to share your location at the point of installation, your locator will work.
No, Yunga does not provide vehicle response, It just provides real communication of crime in the community for easier responses.
Yes, currently you can save for your Yunga system and when the fee is complete, our team will send the device and install it for you.
They will be put in a queue, first come first serve and it will depend on the capacity of the police to respond.

Customer Reviews

“I was disturbed by robberies in my home for a long time, but after getting Yunga, the cases reduced, and now I have peace in my home, knowing that someone is watching out for me. I can now have some sleep! Thank you, Yunga. I always tell people about Yunga, and they are all willing to get it into their homes. However, as you know, not everyone can afford it, and some keep saying that they'll save up for it and buy it when the money is available”
“Two months back we have been facing a very serious issue of breakins and theft by the village boys this side frequently, but thanks to Yunga we didn't get any attack at my home and I thank The almighty for that and the Yunga system too”
“What I can share is when my neighbour's system went off and the police called me thinking it was my system that had triggered the arlm asking me if everything was okay, this was an encouraging experience. With all the insecurities we had before getting Yunga in the community, we now have a peaceful neighborhood, me personally I sleep more comfortable than before and am really happy with it.”

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